Mickey O’Hara is a committed IRA member but his days of freedom fighting are long gone, leaving him peddling drugs and disenchanted with “the cause.”
When a deal goes wrong, things take a dramatic turn for Mickey, who is forced to kill his partner. Marked for death, Mickey flees to LA, determined to make a fresh start and leave his violent past behind. When a close friend runs afoul of some powerful drug dealers, Mickey temporarily resorts to his old ways to help him get out of trouble. However, instead of making things better, Mickey unwittingly sets off a chain of events that reawakens the ghosts of his past and threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

Released on DVD 28th May - Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk


Director:Nathan Frankowski

Cast:Rick Crawford, Collin Sutton, Marty Maguire, Kate Tomlinson, Keith David

BBFC Certificate:15



Country:United States, Ireland

Running Time:84 minutes

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