A few words from Director Cyril Tuschi

“I usually make fiction films but, at a film festival in Siberia I heard the story of the fate that befell Khodorkovsky. I immediately thought of making a fictional drama about this story – but during my second trip to Russia, I decided it was too early for a scripted fantasy about Khodorkovsky – and have been working on this documentary ever since, for almost five years. I spent a lot of time at court and was therefore able to film the first interview with Khodorkovsky since his arrest seven years ago. I also have a personal interest in telling this story because my great grandfather Robert San-Galli, an Italo-German industrialist, lived in St. Petersburg and, being an industrialist, was forced to flee the country during the October revolution.”


About the Director

Cyril Tuschi was born in 1969 in Frankfurt. After studies in philosophy in the United States in the late 1980s, he opened a nightclub and worked at the state theatre Stuttgart. In 1992, his first short film, Frankfurt at the Seaside (Frankfurt am Meer) was invited to several festivals in Germany. He then enrolled at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. His other films include: Nightland (Nachtland, 1995) a Kafkaadaptation - which was screened in Berlin and won the New York Academy Camera Prize in 1996, Turn (1997) and after several music promos, he debuted with the road movie feature "Slight Changes in Temperature and Mind" (SommerHundeSoehne, 2004, which won the audience award at the film festival of the German film – Ludwigshafen. Now, along with his company LALA FILMS, Tuschi focuses on script development and international co-productions.

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