“By turns shocking, chilling, darkly funny and genuinely disturbing, Involuntary is an impressively directed, thought provoking drama that delivers a powerful message”
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It's summer in Sweden... A primary school teacher decides to teach her colleagues a lesson they'll never forget. Teenage girls are indulging in a webcam tease and seducing strangers. University students are taking male bonding to a new level. And as day turns to night, a coach driver decides enough is enough and won't drive his passengers any further. Showered with International awards and praised by critics the world over, Involuntary is a dazzling and highly original comedy from the new enfant terrible of Scandinavian cinema, Ruben Östlund.

DVD Release Date: 28th February 2011
DVD Extras:
• Exclusive Full-Length Feature of The Guitar Mongoloid
• Autobiographical Scene Number 6882 (Original Short)
• Involuntary Theatrical Trailer

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