A gruesome beheading calls Detective Caretti (Joey Fatone) back to Woodhaven police station, where the skeleton crew find themselves in for a long and deadly night as the demon Inkubus (Robert Englund – A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddie Vs Jason) returns.

With a murderous legacy dating back to the middle-ages, Inkubus is bent on destroying the one man who almost captured him thirteen years ago, Detective Gil Diamante (William Forsythe – Halloween).

Back to settle the score, Inkubus calmly walks into the station, holding the severed head, ready to begin his night of murder, gore and mayhem.

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Director:Glenn Ciano

Cast:Robert Englund, Joey Fatone, Jonathan Silverman, Michelle Ray Smith, William Forsythe

BBFC Certificate:18




Running Time:77 minutes

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