“Hartnett sizzles in his finest performance to date. Thoughtful and unsettling noir thriller”
Beautiful Magazine, James Homer

Ex-Los Angeles cop turned private eye Kline (Josh Hartnett) travels to Hong Kong in search of Shitao (Takuya Kimura), the missing son of a Chinese billionaire. Enlisting Meng Zi (Shawn Yue) a friend and former colleague now working for the Hong Kong police, Kline follows a faint trail left by the ethereal Shitao. The path leads to local gangster Su Dongpo (Lee Byung-hun) and his beautiful, drug-addicted girlfriend Lili (Tran Nu Yen Khe). But Kline is distracted from his search, haunted by memories of the serial killer Hasford (Elias Koteas) whose ‘body of work’ was the reason Kline quit the police force…

DVD Release Date: 2nd May 2011
DVD Extras:
• Behind the Scenes Footage & Interviews
• UK Theatrical Trailer

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Director:Tran Ahn Hung

Cast:Josh Hartnett, Elias Koteas, Byung-hun Lee, Takuya Kimura, Shawn Yue

BBFC Certificate:18

Genre:Eyebrow-raising, Thriller, Action


Country:France, United States, Hong Kong

Running Time:110 minutes

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