“Beaufort has an earnest, sober intelligence that makes it hard to shake. It suggests that, for those who fight, the futility of war is inseparable from its nobility.”
New York Times

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2008, BEAUFORT tells the true story of LIRAZ LIBERTI (Oshri Cohen), a barely-of-age Israeli outpost commander, and his troops, who are left to defend the mythological 12th Century Crusader fort of BEAUFORT prior to Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. Under a relentless aerial bombardment of Hezbollah rockets, Liraz's authority is challenged on both sides: by strained soldiers who increasingly become weary of their mission's purpose and uncooperative superiors. Rather than deliver a political commentary on the Middle East, BEAUFORT offers a rare insight into the human reality behind the tough exterior shell of the Israeli Defence Force.

Winner Best Director- Berlin Film Festival 2007
Winner Best Director- Israeli Film Critics 2007

Oscar Nominee, Best Foreign Language  Film 2008

DVD Release Date: 5th October 2009
DVD Extras:
• Behind the Scenes- Making of Documentary
• Deleted Scenes
• Long trailer and short trailer

Director:Joseph Cedar

Cast:Oshri Cohen, Itai Szor, Itay Tiran, Eli Eltonyo, Italy Turgemean

BBFC Certificate:15

Genre:War, Foreign language, Thought-provoking, Drama, Action



Running Time:125 minutes

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